Stainless Steel Alloy Hiduron® 130

Hiduron® 130 is considered by many to be the strongest copper alloy on the market. Also sold as Hidurax Special and DTD 9000/4805, Hiduron 130 offers users, including designers and engineers, excellent resistance to corrosion, especially damage caused by seawater in marine and industrial atmospheres. Referred to as a cupronickel, Hiduron 130 has a unique chemical composition that includes:

  • Cu Balance
  • Ni 13-16%
  • Al 2.0-4.0%
  • Fe 0.50-2.5%
  • Zn 0.50% max
  • Si 0.25% max
  • Sn 0.20% max
  • Mg 0.10% max
  • Pb 0.05% max

Some of the important features and benefits of Hiduron 130 include:

  • Superior strength and high wear resistance
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance in marine environments
  • Low magnetic permeability
  • Easy to machine
  • Tremendous impact strength even down to -196°C
  • Good anti-galling and anti-fouling properties
  • Unrivaled record of immunity to hydrogen embrittlement

Because of these outstanding traits, Hiduron 130 is perfect for a wide variety of applications including those in the defense, oil and gas, aerospace, chemical, electrical, and automotive industries. Hiduron 130 can be found in everything from a plane’s landing bearings to sub-sea clamps. Continental Steel sources and distributes Hiduron 130 in bars and sections. As always Continental Steel’s entire supply of Hiduron 130 meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards.

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