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When sourcing metals, it is of critical importance to have a uniform and consistent means of assuring metal properties meet the desired performance characteristics. Learn more about metal standards in our informative eBook.

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Continental Steel provides our partners in the aerospace industry with the necessary titanium, nickel, and aluminum grades to meet their strict project requirements.

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Applications of Aluminum 5086

Aluminum 5086 is a structural alloy that offers high electrical conductivity, malleability, good corrosion and heat resistance, and greater strength than aluminum 5052 and 5083. This cost-effective alloy can undergo cold working and strain hardening to enhance its strength, and it can be welded using arc welding and other conventional methods. Aluminum 5086’s many beneficial properties make it suitable for various applications. Aluminum 5086 Properties Aluminum 5086's chemical composition primarily includes aluminum and up to 4.5% magnesium. Other elements include: Manganese: 0.2-0.7% Chromium: 0.5-0.25% Iron: 0.5% Silicon: 0.4% Copper: 0.1% Zinc: 0.25% Titanium: 0.15% Other elements: 0.15% The alloy has a tensile strength measuring between 275 and 350 MPa, with its highest tensile strength being achievable in cryogenic conditions. Its elongation is 12%, and its minimum stress-proof is 125 MPa. Aluminum 5086 can meet a wide range of regulations and industry standards, including MIL, SAE, ASTM, UNS, and QQ. Use Cases for Aluminum 5086 Aluminum 5086 is an ideal material for various applications. Its corrosion resistance delivers remarkable saltwater performance, making it an ideal material for shipyards, marine components, and hulls in small boats, yachts, workboats, and patrol boats. The alloy's strength also makes it beneficial for military and defense applications, such as armor plating, tanks, missile components, and armored personnel carriers. It is a popular material in transportation and superstructures, but its susceptibility to stress corrosion and cracking makes it less favorable for aircraft. Other applications include TV towers, drilling rigs, and cryogenics. Forms of Aluminum 5086 Continental Steel offers a number of different shapes and sizes of Aluminum 5086 that include: Sheet Coil Plate Pipe Bar Tube Special extrusions ​Contact Continental Steel Today for Aluminum 5086 Aluminum 5086 delivers a wide range of beneficial properties that make it suitable for various marine and defense applications, among others. Continental Steel is an ISO 9001:2015 certified supplier of aluminum 5086 tubes, bars, plates, pipes, coils, sheets, and special extrusions to meet varying project needs. For more information, or to start your order, request a quote today.

Nickel 625 a Superalloy for Extreme Environments

Nickel 625, commonly referred to as Inconel 625, is a superalloy that can be used in extreme applications and environments like those in the aerospace and marine industries. This austenitic alloy has exceptional resistance to oxidation, corrosion, and fatigue, and it has excellent toughness and strength at extreme temperatures. Nickel 625 derives its strength and corrosion resistance from its molybdenum and columbium content, making it suitable for a variety of oxidizing and non-oxidizing environments. Features of Nickel Alloy 625 Nickel 625 possesses a unique combination of features that makes it ideal for extreme environments. These features include: Resistance to Chloride Pitting Chloride pitting is a type of pitting corrosion that can degrade metals through small weak points. If the external surface layer of an oxidized or treated material is scratched or the underlying material is otherwise exposed, pitting can occur. Nickel 625 is resistant to this form of corrosion. Resistance to Crevice Corrosion Cracking Components constructed from nickel 625 are resistant to crevice corrosion. This type of corrosion is caused in stagnant fluids like seawater, which can penetrate small cracks and pits to create a high-pH environment that degrades the metal. Immunity to Chloride Ion Stress Corrosion Cracking When tensile stress and corrosive chloride ions combine, they can cause cracks to appear in impacted metal surfaces. Nickel 625 contains enough nickel to resist this form of corrosion, making it a superior choice to stainless steel. Resistance to Caustic Materials Nickel 625's high nickel content protects it from damage in alkaline solutions and exposure to hydrogen ions. Resistance to Flowing and Stagnant Seawater Damage Because of its unique resistance to pitting and other forms of corrosion, nickel 625 can withstand seawater moving at different speeds without the risk of wearing away or degrading the surface of the metal. Using Nickel 625 in the Aerospace Industry Due to its strength and resistance to damage in extreme environments, Inconel 625 is an excellent material for fabricating aerospace parts, equipment, and hardware. Applications include: ●      Aerospace Turbines. Nickel 625 has superior strength and creep resistance. This protects turbines from deformations caused by the high temperatures generated during turbine operation. ●      Turbine Shroud Rings. Turbine inlet nozzles are set in inner and outer shrouds. Inconel 625 shroud rings provide protection from thermal stress, add strength to support the shrouds and vanes, and accommodate movement from thermal expansion. ●      Engine Thrust-Reverser Systems. These safety systems assist jets in slowing down after touchdown to protect the brakes and give jets more flexible landing distances. Inconel 625 components can withstand the stress and forces of this operation. ●      Jet Engine Exhaust Systems. Exhaust systems manage the flow of hot exhaust gases so they don't interfere with the jet's performance. Components made from nickel 625 ensure that the systems can withstand extreme temperatures from gases and heat radiation. ●      Aircraft Ducting Systems. Aircraft ducting systems are high-pressure systems that include functionalities like anti-icing, engine bleed air, and more. Inconel parts can resist damage from both extreme heat and extreme cold for reliable performance. Contact Continental Steel & Tube Today for Nickel 625 At Continental Steel & Tube, we specialize in supplying high-quality nickels, steels, and other metals. As a proud supplier to some of the biggest names in the aerospace and military industries, we ensure that our partners have the necessary metals and alloys to meet strict project specifications and requirements. We have different forms of options: Sheet (ASTM B443 ASME SB443 AMS 5599) Plate (ASTM B443 ASME SB443 AMS 5599) Bar (ASTM B446 ASME SB446 AMS 5666) / (AMS 5666, ASTM-B-446, ASME-SB-446) Pipe & Tube (welded & seamless) (ASTM B444 / ASTM B704 AMS 5581 ) Wire (AMS 5837) Fittings & Flanges  (ASTM B366 ) For more information, or to get started on your order, request a quote today.

Common Applications for Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloy Pump Shafts

A pump shaft transmits motion and torque when rotated. Pump shafts can vary in shape depending on the intended pump application, but most designs are supported by stabilizer bearings and bushings. Pump shafts require an extremely high degree of precision to function properly and must be able to endure significant strain. Pump shaft quality (PSQ) bars are stainless steel or nickel alloy bars that have been processed specifically to withstand the rigors and meet the accuracy requirements of pump applications. They are turned, ground, and polished to limit shaft wear and extend service life and resist failure, mitigating the risk of unexpected downtime. Ultimately, PSQ bars are processed to a higher standard than conventional bars. Considerations for pump shaft quality stainless steel bars include: Vibration. When a shaft spins at high speeds, vibrations within the pumping equipment can cause damage. To minimize vibrations, pump shaft quality stainless steel requires exceedingly high degrees of straightness. Strength. Pump shafts endure heavy loads and high speeds, which put enormous stress on the material. Pump shaft quality bars must withstand heavier loads than regular stainless steel bars. Diamete Outer diameter tolerances for pump shaft quality steel bars adhere to extremely strict tolerance requirements. The shaft must perfectly fit the equipment for which it was designed to prevent damage to machinery and components. Shipping. Because of the demands placed on pump shafts and the precision engineering required to manufacture them, they must be well protected during the shipping process to maintain their precision tolerances. Various packing methods, such as cardboard tubing and wooden boxes, are used to ensure that shafts arrive at their destination in perfect condition. ​Pump Shafts Quality Steel vs. Regular Stainless Steel At Continental Steel, we offer our customers a wide selection of stainless steel or nickel alloy bars fabricated to pump shaft quality standards to meet the specifications of any application. We carry PSQ bars in a range of standard lengths and diameters, including non-standard shaft sizes. Stainless steel and nickel alloy PSQ bars also have anti-corrosive properties that help protect the shaft when exposed to environmental factors that may affect the shaft's operation. Resistance to acids and other corrosive factors is critical for maintaining the symmetry of the rotating pump shaft​. At Continental Steel, we offer various grades of stainless steel and manufacture pump shafts with the finish and specifications required for your unique application. Our team of experts will consult with you to determine your needs and provide a pump shaft quality stainless steel bar that can meet the demands of your application. We carry the following grades: UNS N05500 / Nickel Alloy 500 UNS N08020 / Alloy 20 UNS S17400 / 17-4 H1150 UNS S20910 / XM-19 High Strength UNS S30300 / 303 BQ UNS S30400 / 304 BQ UNS S31600 / 316 UNS S41000 / 410 UNS S41600 / 416 Heat Treat 2205 Duplex Super Duplex 2507 ​Applications for Pump Shafts Quality Bars PSQ stainless steel and nickel alloy bars are used to create critical components of machinery used in many industries. Mining Machinery and equipment used in the mining industry must perform and operate under extremely harsh and demanding conditions. Many mining pump applications, such as dewatering, water transfer, and water supply, operate under harsh conditions and run continuously for years. Mining pump equipment relies on pump shaft quality steel to ensure reliable operation, even under extreme conditions. Industrial Pumps Many industrial applications require the movement of fluid from one location to another. Industrial pumps come in many shapes, sizes, and configurations and are used to pump solids, waste, process materials, debris, and chemicals in various industrial applications. It’s essential that pump components can tolerate exposure to harsh fluids and withstand the strain of extended operation. Rotating Equipment Rotating equipment uses kinetic energy to move fluids, gases, and other process materials. Rotating equipment plays a crucial role in many industries and includes mechanical components such as gas compressors, turbines, pumps, fans, blowers, and gearboxes. PSQ bars make ideal shafts for many different types of rotating equipment. Contact Continental Steel for Your PSQs Today At Continental Steel, we have over 35 years of experience providing the highest quality stainless steel and nickel alloy bars for pump shaft quality applications. We’ve built a reputation as one of the world's leading suppliers and distributors of quality metals. Working with us ensures quick responses, unsurpassed quality, competitive pricing, reliable deliveries, and an exhaustive inventory.   To learn more about our selection of stainless steel and nickel alloy pump shaft quality bars and how they can improve the function and longevity of your machinery, contact us, or request a quote today.