Stainless Steel Alloy 409

Type 409 Stainless Steel is a Ferritic steel, known mostly for its excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance qualities, and its excellent fabricating characteristics, which allow it to be formed and cut easily. It typically has one of the lowest price-points of all the types of stainless steel.  It has decent tensile strength and is readily welded by arc welding as well as being adaptable to resistance spot and seam welding. It is important to note that welding Type 409 does not impair its corrosion resistance.

Because of its positive attributes, you can find Type 409 Stainless Steel in use in a number of different industries and applications including:

  • Automotive and truck exhaust systems (including manifolds and mufflers)
  • Agricultural machinery (spreaders)
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Fuel filters

Type 409 stainless steel has a unique chemical composition that includes:

  • C 10.5-11.75%
  • Fe 0.08%
  • Ni 0.5%
  • Mn 1%
  • Si 1%
  • P 0.045%
  • S 0.03%
  • Ti 0.75% max

Continental Steel offers its customers Type 409 Stainless Steel in a wide range of shapes and sizes including coils. Type 409 Stainless Steel meets ASTM specifications.

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