Stainless Steel Alloy Hidurel® 5

Hidurel® 5 is a solution annealed and precipitation treated copper-nickel-silicon alloy. Hidurel 5’s widespread usage in a large number of industries is due in part to its high electrical and thermal conductivity, along with its high mechanical strength. Other key features of Hidurel 5 include:

  • Excellent bearing and anti-friction properties
  • No loss of impact strength down to -196°C
  • Easy to machine
  • Low magnetic permeability and spark resistance
  • Top ranked corrosion resistance for marine environments
  • Good marine fouling resistance

In order to be sold under the Hidurel 5 brand name, an alloy must consist of the following chemical properties:

  • Cu Remainder
  • Ni 2.0-3.5%
  • Si 0.4-0.8%
  • Al 0.02% max
  • Fe 0.01% max
  • Total Impurities 0.30% max

Some of the industries that Hidurel 5 is prevalently used in include industries like aerospace, defense, automotive, general manufacturing and hydraulic and mechanical engineering.

At Continental Steel we are a distributor of Hidurel 5 in an array of different sizes and forms including bars and sections. As would be expected from Continental Steel, all of the Hidurel 5 we source meets a number of different industrial standards such as BS, BS2, DTD, CW, and UNS.

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