Copper, Brass, & Bronze

At Continental Steel & Tube, we supply a large range of copper, brass, and bronze, specializing in wire, strip, and tubing.

Copper, Brass, & Bronze

These three unique yet related alloys are available in all the popular forms, gauges, widths, and lengths.

  • Copper: known for its electrical conductivity and high level of ductility
  • Brass: A combination of zinc and copper, it is perfect for low-friction applications
  • Bronze: A combination of copper and tin, known for its toughness and versatility

If you are looking for copper, brass, or bronze wire, strip, and tubing not listed here, please call or contact Continental Steel & Tube.

At this time, we are only able to fulfill requests of 100lbs of material or more.

Benefits of Choosing Copper for Tubing

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Uses of Copper Tubing

There is a reason copper has been in use for thousands of years. Copper is a cost-effective material for tubing due to its strength, high heat and electric conductivity, and easy use in soldering and fabrication. In the construction and HVAC industries, to name a few, copper is a preferred metal of choice. Its corrosion resistance and the lack of lead in its composition also make it environmentally friendly.

Copper offers many benefits for applications:

  • Durability. While other materials rupture, crack, and leak due to pressure or extreme temperatures, copper is durable and remains solid, withstanding forces that would destroy other materials.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Given its durability, strength, and overall quality, copper is one of the most economical metals for a project because it requires less maintenance.
  • Impermeability. Copper is excellent at keeping outside toxins from passing through its surfaces. Harmful substances like pesticides and petroleum products can seep through materials like plastic, for example.
  • Reliability. Copper’s strength and durability give it a long life span, making it a safe and dependable material that builders can trust. Additionally, manufactured copper must meet strict standards, ensuring a quality metal.
  • Sustainability. Even when it is time to replace copper materials, they can become another product through recycling without losing their strength or otherwise degrading. Copper is one of few completely recyclable natural metals.
  • Weight. Copper’s light weight makes it easy to work with, transport, and store. It is also a material that is simple to solder and weld, so it is ideal for construction projects.

Our Copper Tubing Shapes & Capabilities

Continental Steel supplies a variety of shapes, parts, and services for your project:

  • Shapes. We carry an array of hollow shapes from standard round and square to figure eight and hourglass. Polygonal shapes such as hexagonal and octagonal are also available, as are dog house, skull, bell, keyhole, mailbox, and more.
  • Fabricated parts. With numerous offerings in this category, we can provide beading, bending, dimpling, expanding, flaring, reducing, roll grooving, and spinning, as some examples. We also have angle cutting, counter boring, hole punching, and slitting.
  • Core competencies. Continental Steel provides services that include precision tube drawing (standard and nonstandard sizes), straightening, cutting, and cut end and surface finishing. We offer lot sizes with a 100-lb. minimum, superior lead times, and compliance to the European Pressure Equipment Directive.
  • Laboratory testing services. Our ISO 17025-accredited laboratory provides testing services including chemical OES, conductivity, dimensional, elongation, expansion, flattening, hardness, residual stress, tensile strength, and yield. We also offer microstructure analysis (grain size).

Types of Brass, Bronze, & Copper Tubing From Continental Steel

We offer various types of tubing for our customers. Firstly, we provide coil tubing, with the following packaging options:

  • Large level wound coils. These large coils go on cardboard or wooden reels, or are simply separated by cardboard dividers, and bulk packed before loading on skids with copper, copper-nickel, or steel strapping. Coil widths of 4″, 6″, or 10″ are available, with 24″ ID reel diameter and a 36″ max coil OD on reels (a 38″ max if not on reels).
  • Small level wound coils. These are 14″ to 20″ diameter coils, either with no reel or with a plastic reel, with coil widths from 2″ to 6 5/16″ and a maximum weight of 90 lbs. They have tape or wire banding, and the ends can come soldered, capped, or sealed.
  • Bunch coils. With a maximum of 50 lbs. in weight for each coil, these 30″ to 32″ diameter coils are boxed and separated by cardboard, then loaded onto skids.
  • Pancake coils. These coils are 13″ to 27″ in diameter, with lengths of 25′, 50′, 75′, or 100′.

We also offer straight length tubing with the following packaging choices:

  • Wood boxes. Wood boxes are for straight length tubing over 38″ in length to protect it during transit. The box weight is typically between 500 and 800 lbs.
  • Tri-wall cardboard boxes. These are for tubing that is less than 38″ in length, with a maximum weight of 300 lbs.
  • All-cardboard boxes. Typically for tubing under 16″ in length, the maximum weight is 80 lbs. for this packaging type.
  • Bundle packs. Bundle packs are only for hard tempers, as-drawn tempers, and direct-to-customer shipments.

Continental Steel carries the following grades:

  • C101. Oxygen-Free Electronic (OFE) Copper, C10100
  • C102. Oxygen-Free Copper, C10200
  • C120. Deoxidized Low Phosphorus (DLP) Copper, C12000
  • C122. Deoxidized High Phosphorus (DHP) Copper, C12200
  • C194. High-strength Modified (HSM) Copper, C19400
  • C220. Commercial Bronze (90/10), C22000
  • C230. Red Brass (85/15), C23000
  • C260. Cartridge Brass (70/30), C26000
  • C270. Yellow Brass (65/35), C27000
  • C330. Low-leaded Brass, C33000
  • C332. High-leaded Brass, C33200
  • C435. Trumpet Brass (80/20), C43500
  • C443. Admiralty Brass (Arsenical), C44300
  • C510. Phosphor Bronze (5), C51000
  • C521. Phosphor Bronze (8), C52100
  • C687. Aluminum Brass, C68700
  • C706. Copper Nickel (90/10), C70600
  • C710. Copper Nickel (80/20), C71000
  • C715. Copper Nickel (70/30), C71500
  • C740. Nickel Silver (10), C74000
  • C752. Nickel Silver (18), C75200

Copper, Brass & Bronze Forms Available

All tolerances meet or exceed commercial standards:

  • Gauge
  • Width
  • Cut to Length

Secondary Operations


  • Custom slit to customer specifications
  • Precision narrow width slitting
  • Gauge: .003″ to .175″ thick
  • Width: 24″ maximum
  • P.I.W.: 450lbs per inch maximum

Cut to Length

  • Cut to length sheet and strip
  • Roll Leveling
  • Close Tolerance Shearing
  • Non Standard Packaging
  • Decambering on Tension Level Rolling Machine

Rolling Equipment:

  • Waterbury Farrel 4 Hi, Reversing Mill
  • H.J. Ruesch 2 Hi Breakdown
  • H.J. Ruesch 2 Hi, Reversing Mill

Specialty Rolling:

  • In-between Gauges
  • In-between Tempers
  • Close Tolerance Rolling

Copper from .003 to .125

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