Stainless Steel Alloy 309S

Type 309S stainless steel is a low carbon version of Type 309. Because of its lower carbon-content, Type 309S minimizes carbide precipitation, and improves weldability.  Other key properties of Type 309S include:

  • It can be easily roll formed, stamped and drawn
  • Higher resistance to marine atmospheres than Type 304
  • Good weldability and machinability
  • Outstanding resistance to oxidation

Because of these and other benefits, Type 309S is utilized by many different industries for a number of critical applications including:

  • Oven Linings
  • Boiler baffles
  • Firebox sheets
  • Furnace components
  • Most high temperature containers
  • Aircraft and jet engine parts
  • Heat exchangers
  • Auto exhaust parts
  • Refinery and chemical processing equipment

One reason for these unique properties is Type 309S’s specific chemical make-up that includes:

  • Fe balance
  • Cr 23%
  • Ni 14%
  • Mn 2%
  • Si 1%
  • C 0.08%
  • P 0.045%
  • S 0.030%

Continental Steel has supplied many customers with Type 309S stainless steel over our 20 year history.  Type 309S is available in a number of different sizes and forms including sheet, sheet coil, plate, round bar, flat bar, and tube. As with all of the products we supply, Type 309S meets the leading standards like ASTM, AMS, AISI, UNS, and DIN.

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