Stainless Steel Alloy 660

Alloy 660 is a precipitation hardening austenitic stainless steel known for its impressive strength at high temperatures up to 700°C. Also sold under the names, UNS S66286, and A-286 alloy, Alloy 660 gains its strength from a high degree of uniformity. It has an impressive yield strength minimum of 105,000 psi and is commonly used in high temperature fastening and bolting materials. Other applications for Alloy 660 include:

  • Jet engines
  • Gas turbines
  • Turbo charger components

In order to be considered a member of the Alloy 660 family, an alloy’s chemical composition must include:

  • Ni 24-27.0%
  • Cr 13.50-16.0%
  • Ti 1.90-2.35%
  • Mn 2.0% max
  • Mo 1-1.5%
  • Si 1.0% max
  • V 0.10-0.50%
  • Al 0.35% max

One thing to note about Alloy 600’s chemical composition is that due to its high nickel content for a stainless steel, it often categorized as a nickel alloy, thus the A-286 label.

Continental Steel is proud to be a distributor of Alloy 660 in a range of shapes and sizes including coil, sheet, and plate.  The Alloy 600 metals that we supply, meets NAS, UNS, JIS, and ASTM (A453, A638) specifications and standards.

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