Aluminum is an incredibly versatile metal known for its low density, outstanding corrosion resistance, and energy efficiency.

aluminumAluminum plays a critical role in a number of different industries including aerospace, transportation, construction, medical devices, and general manufacturing.

Aluminum also offers good electrical and thermal conductivity, as well as having the ability to be a superconductor.

Continental Steel & Tube supplies a wide range of aluminum forms including sheet, coil, pipe, tubing, plate, and bar. We also offer a amazing array of aluminum grades and sizes. Read more about our aluminum manufacturing process.

If you look below and cannot find the type or form of aluminum you are looking for, please call or contact us.

Aluminum Forms

Aluminum Sheet & Coil

  • Non Heat Treatable
  • Heat Treatable
  • Pre-painted
  • Pre-anodized
  • Special Finishes

Aluminum Pipe

  • Seamless Drawn
  • Seamless Extruded
  • Structural Extruded

Aluminum Tubing

  • Seamless Drawn
  • Seamless Extruded
  • Hollow Bar
  • Welded

Aluminum Plate

  • Heat Treatable
  • Cast Tooling Plate
  • Diamond Tread
  • Precision

Aluminum Bar Shapes

  • Round Screw Machine
  • Round Hollow Bar
  • Square
  • Hexagon
  • Rectangle

Special Extrusions

  • Email your drawing and prints

Mold Plate

  • 6061 Heavy Plate
  • QC-7®

Tooling Sheet and Plate

  • ALCA PLUS Cast Plate
  • AZ31B Magnesium Tooling Plate
  • AZ31B Magnesium Sheet
  • MIC 6® Cast Plate

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