Stainless Steel Alloy Fermonic 50 High Strength®, XM-19, NIT 50 High Strength, UNS S20910

Fermonic 50 High Strength® is in many ways like Fermonic 50 Annealated®. Sold under the names XM-19, NIT 50 High Strength, and UNS S20910, Fermonic 50 High Strength differs in that it has a higher tensile strength (862 N/mm2 versus 690) and proof stress (690 N/mm2 versus 415) than Fermonic 50 Annealated. Fermonic 50 High Strength is non-magnetic and offers strength that is almost equal to carbon steel along with excellent corrosion resistance, good ductility, and impact strength.

The chemical composition of  Fermonic 50 High Strength includes:

  • Cr 20.5- 23.5%
  • Ni 11.5-13.5%
  • Fe 4-6.0%
  • Mn 6.0%
  • Mo 1.5-3.0%
  • Si 1.0% max
  • P 0.45% max
  • V 0.10-0.30%
  • C 0.06% max

Fermonic 50 High Strength, which offers higher resistance to abrasion, erosion, and cavitation erosion than 316 and 317 stainless steel, and is ideal for a number of different applications and industries including:

  • Chemical processing
  • Marine and Shipbuilding
  • Oil and Gas
  • Food handling
  • Pulp and Paper

At Continental Steel, we supply Fermonic 50 High Strength in a range of different sizes and forms such as sheet, strip, plate, and pipe. All the Fermonic 50 High Strength available via Continental Steel meets or exceeds a number of different ASTM standards.


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