AMS Standards For Aluminum in Aerospace Industry

About Aerospace Material Specifications (AMS)

In the aerospace industry, components must be made using materials that are regulated according to stringent standards. To meet these goals, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has established aerospace material specifications, commonly referred to as AMS. AMS specifications are a comprehensive database of directives that standardize processes, equipment, and procedures for the aerospace industry. As process technologies and material science advance, the relevant aerospace material specifications are also updated.

Why AMS Is So Important

Aerospace material standards enable companies throughout the world to perform standardized testing to evaluate each material’s thermal, mechanical, optical, chemical, and electrical properties. These standards establish commonality among manufacturing processes for products throughout the aerospace industry. They are crucial for ensuring the safety and performance capabilities of aerospace materials and components.

Benefits of Using AMS-Certified Aluminum

AMS-certified aluminum is a type of aluminum that has been evaluated and found to adhere to AMS requirements. Using AMS-certified aluminum, whether for aerospace-related applications or otherwise, brings numerous benefits. These alloys display superior qualities that can withstand challenging environments and extreme temperatures. Since they have been developed to adhere to the relevant AMS specifications, their mechanical properties and chemical composition are assured.

Some of the key benefits of AMS-certified aluminum include:

  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Exceptional durability
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Ability to withstand extreme temperatures

Due to these qualities, AMS-certified aluminum is used in many industries beyond aerospace. It is involved in the production of truck bodies, yachts, bicycle frames, and numerous other applications.

AMS Specifications for Aluminum

AMS specifications evaluate materials, devices, and components that are used in aerospace and aircraft applications. The AMS specifications for aluminum involve requirements for aluminum alloy bars, rods, shapes, structural shapes, wires, tubes, and extrusions. Specific requirements for each of these products in a particular alloy are covered by a separate, detailed specification.

For example, the AMS specifications for an aluminum alloy involve its chemical composition, broken down into the required percentages of each included material, and ranges for tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation. There are separate specifications for tensile properties that vary according to a component’s engineering requirements, section thickness, and orientation.

Aerospace Grade Aluminum

Aluminum alloy is used extensively for aerospace and aircraft components. It is a stress-resistant, heat-treatable material that possesses high tensile strength while being low in weight. Different aluminum alloys are used in varying aerospace applications. Continental Steel specializes in supplying aerospace aluminum extrusions, plate, and sheet. We offer:

  • BAC aluminum extrusions for Boeing’s specifications
  • 60- aluminum extrusions for Tierney part numbers
  • AND extrusions manufactured to Army/Navy drawings

In addition to our extrusion products, we can provide aerospace-grade aluminum sheet and plate in various alloys, including 2024, 2219, 5083,7075, and more. These materials have numerous applications throughout the aerospace industry. Alloy 2024, specifically, offers excellent strength and machinability, making it ideal for applications involving aircraft wings, structures, fuselage panels, and repairs. Aluminum 5083, on the other hand, is notably corrosion-resistant and performs well in high-temperature environments, making it well-suited for landing gear and fuselage frames.

AMS Specs for Aluminum

  • AMS 4035
  • AMS 4037
  • AMS 4044
  • AMS 4045
  • AMS 4050
  • AMS 4094
  • AMS 4095
  • AMS 4096
  • AMS 4162

Sheet plate

  • AMS QQ-A-250/1
  • AMS QQ-A-250/4
  • AMS QQ-A-250/5
  • AMS QQ-A-250/7
  • AMS QQ-A-250/8
  • AMS QQ-A-250/9
  • AMS QQ-A-250/10
  • AMS QQ-A-250/11
  • AMS QQ-A-250/12
  • AMS QQ-A-250/13
  • AMS QQ-A-250/30


  • AMS QQ-A-200/3
  • AMS QQ-A-200/11
  • AMS QQ-A-225/6
  • AMS QQ-A-225/8
  • AMS QQ-A-225/9

Marine plate

  • ASTM B209
  • ASTM B928

AMS Standard Aerospace-Grade Aluminum by Continental Steel

Continental Steel is an ISO 9001:205 and AS9120B:2016 registered company. We work with AMS standard aerospace-grade aluminum and are a trusted material supplier to the biggest names in the aerospace and military industry. Our aluminum inventory includes sheet, plate, rectangular, round, square, and drawn tube, as well as other forms in a broad range of dimensions and sizes. To learn more about aerospace aluminum alloys or AMS specs, contact our team or request a quote today.

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