Metal Distributor and Supplier In Monterrey Mexico

Continental Steel & Tube Company is proud to offer material support to the great city of Monterrey. This growing manufacturing hub not only requires large amounts of material to keep its production lines running, but also to expand housing, commercial space and critical infrastructure. Continental Steel has been able to provide the city with carbon, alloy and stainless steel, nickel and high temp alloys, titanium, and aluminum, as well as copper, brass and bronze in a wide range of shapes and forms.

Monterrey, Mexico: A Global Industrial Manufacturing Leader

The state of Nuevo Leon is a major industrial leader in Mexico, and Monterrey not only serves as the home to many major manufacturing companies, but also leads the country’s economic charge with the highest gross domestic product of all metropolitan areas in Mexico. With an abundant supply of skilled labor and a modern infrastructure, it is no wonder that the city has been looked to by many major, world-class companies as a base for their manufacturing operations. From automotive to aerospace assemblies, there has been no limit to Monterrey’s manufacturing prowess.

The rapid growth and modernization of the city’s infrastructure have also created a large demand for construction goods. The city has experienced a major construction boom to meet a growing population and many large scale structures and industrial parks have been erected to supply the demand created by an influx of companies who have decided to call Monterrey home.

These factors have created a large, steady need for raw materials for which Continental Steel offers support as a partner to a wide range of companies in the area.  Some of the industries Continental Steel has supplied include:

Continental Steel’s Commitment and Qualifications

With over 20 years of experience and an ISO 9001:2008 registration, Continental Steel has been recognized as one of the world’s leading suppliers and distributors of quality metals, and has developed a reputation as a trusted metal supplier for both high volume and specialty orders. By ensuring readily available materials, Continental Steel is committed to supporting Monterrey as a major international manufacturing hub. Some of the materials our company can supply direct to buyers in Monterrey include:

Continental Steel has also established itself as the preferred supplier of hard-to-find metals such as hastelloy, inconel, and monel among others.

With distribution centers located in Texas and Florida, and years of experience exporting steel materials, the process has never been easier to import materials for Monterrey’s needs. Established relationships with freight forwarders and export compliance personnel have also allowed Continental Steel to ensure no-fail delivery through the years.

Our company has worked to improve our ability to partner with groups in Monterrey through the careful selection of Spanish speaking sales representatives, an unrelenting commitment to quick responses, and unsurpassed quality controls. Our strong relationships with the businesses and people of Monterrey have been a highlight of our dealings in Mexico, and we at Continental Steel look forward to continuing to help fuel and support the city’s growth and constant improvement.

We encourage you to reach out and contact us with any questions, and let us know how we can help your company with its next project today!

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