Construction Industry

Continental Steel is proud to be a supplier of high quality metals to the construction industry. Leaders in the construction industry from around the globe rely on Continental’s wide variety of metals, including carbon steel, aluminum, and copper. All of these metals offer different benefits to an industry that demands materials that can withstand harsh environments, severe weather, and exacting standards. 

Carbon Steel
This combination of iron and carbon is sustainable, recyclable, and strong. You will find carbon steel in beams, plates, rectangular tubing, HSS, and Rebar. All of which are critical to the structural integrity of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings, bridges, tunnels, roofing, and highways. Continental Steel has provide carbon steel products to projects varying as DOD barracks, to hydro-electric plants, and even indoor gun ranges.

A low density, soft ductile metal, aluminum is known for its corrosion resistance and high conductivity. In the construction industry, you will find aluminum in windows, doors, siding, wire, roofing, and HVAC systems. As well, aluminum poles are used extensively in streetlights and outdoor signage.

A soft and malleable metal that has high thermal and electrical conductivity, copper also offers outstanding resistance to corrosion by soil and water. When it comes to construction, you will find copper in piping, electrical and communication wiring, roofing, flashing, gutters, and downspouts. Copper is a long-lasting and decretive choice.

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