Triplate® Transition Joints

Triplate® is a revolutionary material consisting of three homogeneously bonded layers: a steel base, a pure aluminum center, and a corrosion resistant aluminum layer.

Produced by the vacuum explosion welding process, this high quality material boasts superior joint strength for rigorous maritime applications. The explosion welding performed in a vacuum environment provides improved protection from corrosive environments.

Triplate® is used as a structural transition joint for welding aluminum to steel in shipbuilding and large-scale offshore projects like oil platforms. A structural transition joints is prefabricated, permanent construction material that enables the welding of steel to aluminum.  This union would otherwise require mechanical fastening.

Aluminum and steel have vastly different coefficients of thermal expansion. The three bonded layers of Triplate® function as an intermediary union between the steel and the aluminum and withstand corrosive seawater. Triplate® is today’s most technologically-advanced solution to the common challenges confronted by the shipbuilding and maritime industries.

Continental Steel offers a variety of standard Triplate® sizes from stock. While the recommended joint width is four times the thickness of the aluminum plate, customized sizes (including waterjet cut pieces) can be supplied quickly. Triplate® can also be formed in three different directions to accommodate unique applications.

Replacing traditional rivet and nut-and-bolt and attachments with Triplate® structural transition joints will reduce the risk of corrosion when attaching a steel hull to an aluminum superstructure. Triplate® can be welded with most of the traditional methods used on both parent materials including:

  • GTAW
  • GMAW
  • TIG
  • MIG

We are proud to be the sole North American distributor of this groundbreaking product. For more information about how you can incorporate innovative Triplate® transition joints into your next marine application, please contact us today.

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