Nickel Alloy 400, Monel® 400

Monel 400 is well known for its high strength and corrosion resistant properties. It works in a wide range of temperatures, and is available in multiple forms for a variety of products. Monel 400 is used extensively in (for pipe) piping. Resistant to both steam and seawater, its toughness and anti-corrosive properties make it perfect for heavy duty applications such as transfer (pipe) piping used in oil refineries.

Monel 400 is also often used for the high tolerance tubing. It exhibits excellent weldability, and it is often found in marine applications such as seawater valves and pump shafts. These tubes are also used in chemical plant equipment, boiler feeders, and heat exchangers. For applications that require a high melting point and toughness under the harshest conditions.

Monel 400 is also ideal in wire (or rod) form. It works in a range of alkaline and acidic environments, and features good ductility and thermal conductivity. Its resistance to seawater also makes it excellent for trolling wire.

For heavy duty construction materials, Monel 400 bars provide superior quality and are able to withstand very large amounts of weight and pressure. They are used in many different types of structural, mechanical, and general engineering applications. The toughness of Monel 400 makes it ideal for use in mining, oil & gas, cement, and nuclear power plants.

The Monel 400 alloy has many important properties that make it an attractive option for areas where corrosion resistance is of the highest priority. Whether it comes in (Hot Rolled Plate, Cold Rolled Sheet, Cold Rolled Strip) pipes, tubes, wires, or bars, its unique properties make it a staple of marine, chemical, and numerous other applications.

  • High strength and excellent corrosion resistance in a range of media including sea water, hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid, and alkalies
  • A solid-solution alloy that can be hardened only by cold working
  • High strength and toughness over a wide temperature range and excellent resistance to many corrosive environment
  • Excellent mechanical properties at subzero temperatures

We stock and sell Nickel Alloy 400 and Monel® 400 in 
Pipe, tube, sheet, strip, plate, round bar, flat bar, forging stock, hexagon, wire

Chemical Composition of Nickel Alloy 400 and Monel® 400


.3 max


28-34 max


2.5 max


2.0 max


63.0 min


.024 max


.5 max

Nickel Alloy 400 and Monel® 400 Standards

Plate, Sheet, and Strip

BS3072NA13, BS3073NA13, ASTM B 127, ASME SB 127, SAE AMS 4544, DIN 17750, QQ-N-28

Bar, Rod, Wire, and Forgings

BS3075NA13, BS3076NA13, ASTM B 164, ASTM B 564, ASME SB 164, ASME SB 564, AECMA PrEN 2305, SAE AMS 4675, SAE AMS 4730, SAE AMS 4731, DIN 17752, DIN 17753, DIN 17754, VdTÜV 263, QQ-N-28

Pipe & Tube

BS3074NA13, ASTM B 163, ASTM B 165, ASTM B 725, ASTM B 730, ASTM B 751, ASTM B 775, ASTM B 829, ASME SB 163, ASME SB 165, ASME SB 725, ASME SB 730, ASME SB 751, ASME SB 775, ASME SB 829, SAE AMS 4574, DIN 1775, VdTÜV 263

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