Nickel Alloy L-605, Cobalt® L-605, Haynes® 25

Nickel Alloy L-605, which is also sold under the brand names Cobalt® L-605 and Haynes® 25, is a solid-solution, cobalt-nickel-chromium-tungsten alloy. Nickel Alloy L-605 is known for a number of unique properties including:

  • High-temperature strength
  • Good resistance to prolonged exposure to oxidizing environments up to 1800°F (980°C)
  • Excellent resistance to sulfidation
  • Great ductility, plus good forming and welding characteristics
  • Resistance to wear and galling

Because of these and many other outstanding properties Nickel Alloy L-605, Cobalt L-605, and Haynes 25 are popular in a number of different industries for a wide range of applications.  The aerospace and marine industries rely on Nickel Alloy L-605 for:

  • Gas Turbine applications (rings, blades, and combustion chamber parts
  • Industrial furnace applications
  • Muffles and liners in high-temperature kilns

In order to be called Nickel Alloy L-605, Cobalt L-605 and Haynes 25, an alloy must have a specific chemical composition which includes:

  • Cr 19-21%
  • Co bal
  • Ni 9-11%
  • W 14-16%
  • C .05-15%
  • Mn 1-2%
  • Fe 3%
  • Si .4%
  • P .4%

Continental Steel has been a supplier of Nickel Alloy L-605, Cobalt® L-605, and Haynes® 25 in round bar, strip, sheet, and wire. Our partner mills can supply Nickel Alloy L-605 that meets or exceeds the toughest industry standards including AMS5796 (wire), AMS 575 (round bar), and AMS 553 (flat products).

We stock and sell Nickel Alloy L-605 and Cobalt® L-605 and Haynes® 25 in Round Bar, Strip, Sheet & Wire.

Chemical Composition of Nickel Alloy L-605 and Cobalt® L-605 and Haynes® 25


.05 - .15


19.0 - 21.0




3.0 max


1.0 - 2.0


9.0 - 11.0


.4 max


.03 max


.4 max


14.0 - 16.0

Nickel Alloy L-605 and Cobalt® L-605 and Haynes® 25 Standards


AMS 5796

Round Bar

AMS 575

Flat Products

AMS 553

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