Nickel Alloy 600, Inconel® 600

Nickel Alloy 600, also sold under the brand name Inconel® 600.  It is a unique nickel-chromium alloy that is known for its oxidation resistance at higher temperatures. It is highly versatile and can be used in everything from cryogenics to applications that present elevated temperatures up to 2000°F (1093°C).  Its high nickel content, a minimum of Ni 72%, combined with its chromium content, provides users of Nickel Alloy 600 a number of benefits including:

  • Good oxidation resistance at high temperatures
  • Corrosion resistance to both organic and inorganic compounds
  • Resistance to chloride-ion stress corrosion cracking
  • Works well with most alkaline solutions and sulfur compounds
  • Lower rate of attack from chlorine or hydrogen chloride

Because of its versatility, and because it is the standard engineering material for applications which require resistance to corrosion and heat, a number of different critical industries use Nickel Alloy 600 in their applications. It is an superior choice for:

  • Nuclear reactor vessels and heat exchanger tubing
  • Chemical processing equipment
  • Heat treat furnace components and fixtures
  • Gas turbine components including jet engines
  • Electronic parts

Nickel Alloy 600 and Inconel® 600 are readily fabricated (hot or cold) and can be joined using standard welding, brazing, and soldering processes.  To be called Nickel Alloy 600 (Inconel® 600), an alloy must include the following chemical attributes:

  • Ni 72%
  • Cr 14-17%
  • Fe 6-10%
  • Mn 1%
  • Si .5%

Nickel Alloy 600 is available from Continental Steel in rod, bar, wire, forging stock, plate, sheet, strip, pipe, and tube. These forms meet or exceed a number of different standards from ASTM, ASME, SAE, AMS, BS, DIN, ISO, QQ, and MIL-DTL.

We stock and sell Nickel Alloy 600 and Inconel® 600 in  Pipe, tube, sheet, strip, plate, round bar, flat bar,  forging stock, hexagon, wire and extruded section.

Chemical Composition of Nickel Alloy 600 and Inconel® 600

Nickel Alloy 600 and Inconel® 600 Standards

Rod, Bar, Wire and Forging Stock

ASTM B 166/ASME SB 166
ASTM B 564/ASME SB 564
ASME Code Cases 1827 and N-253
SAE/AMS 5665 and 5687
BS 3075NA14 and 3076NA14
DIN 17752, 17753 and 17754
ISO 9723
9724, and 9725

Plate, Sheet and Strip

ASTM B 168/ASME SB 168
ASTM B 906/ASME SB 906
ASME Code Cases 1827 and N-253
SAE/AMS 5540
BS 3072NA14 and 3073NA14
DIN 17750
ISO 6208
EN 10095

Pipe and Tub

ASTM B 167/ASME SB 167
ASTM B 163/ASME SB 163
ASTM B 516/ASME SB 516
ASTM B 517/ASME SB 517
ASTM B 751/ASME SB 751
ASTM B 775/ASME SB 775
ASTM B 829/ASME SB 829
ASME Code Cases 1827
N-20, N-253, and N-576
SAE/AMS 5580
DIN 17751
ISO 6207

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