Nickel Alloy 800HT, Incoloy® 800HT

Another member of the 800 alloy family is Incoloy® 800HT. Also sold as Nickel Alloy 800HT, this nickel-iron-chromium alloy, has many of the same characteristics of other members of the 800 alloy grouping. Incoloy 800HT has roughly the same chemical composition as Incoloy 800H, differing only slightly in carbon, aluminum, and titanium levels.

  • Fe 39.5% min
  • Ni 30-35%
  • Cr 19-23%
  • Al+Ti .85-1.20%
  • C .06-.10%

A good way to understand the difference between 800HT and 800H is that the chemical composition of Incoloy 800HT will always be within the limits of Incoloy 800H, but the reverse is not true.

Incoloy 800HT is known for many of the same outstanding characteristics as Incoloy 800H including:

  • Excellent resistance to oxidation, sulfidation, and carburization
  • Higher creep and rupture properties for high temperature situations above 1100°F (600°C)
  • Resistant to high temperature corrosion and prolonged exposure
  • Readily machined by standard methods
  • Resistance to aqueous corrosion at moderate temperatures

User of Incoloy 800HT and Nickel Alloy 800HT use the alloy for a wide range of high-temperature applications including:

  • Hydrocarbon cracking
  • Industrial furnace and boiler components and equipment
  • Equipment for Heat-Treating
  • Pressure vessels and heat exchangers
  • Chemical and Petrochemical processing

Continental Steel & Tube is a distributor of Incoloy 800HT and Nickel Alloy 800HT in pipe, tube, sheet, strip, plate round bar, flat bar, forging stock, hexagon, and wire. As with everything we source, each form of Incoloy 800HT meets different critical industrial standards from organizations like ASTM, ASME, BS, SEW, DIN, EN, and ISO.

We stock and sell Nickel Alloy 800HT and Incoloy® 800HT® in Pipe, tube, sheet, strip, plate, round bar, flat bar, forging stock, hexagon and wire.

Chemical Composition of Nickel Alloy 800HT and Incoloy® 800HT®


0.2 max


.05 max


19.5 - 23.5


1.5 - 3.0


22.0 min


1.0 max


2.5 - 3.5


38.0 - 46.0


.03 max


.5 max


0.6 - 1.2

Nickel Alloy 800HT and Incoloy® 800HT® Standards

Rod, Bar, Wire, Forgings, and Forging Stock

ASTM B 408 & ASME SB 408
ASTM B 564 & ASME SB 564
ASME Code Case 1325
ASME Code Case 1949
ISO 9723
ISO 9724
ISO 9725
BS 3076NA15
BS 3075NA15
SEW 470
VdTÜV 412 & 434
DIN 17460
EN 10095

Plate, Sheet, and Strip

ASTM A 240/A 480
ASME SA 240/SA 480
ASTM B 409/B 906
ASME SB 409/SB 906
ASME Code Case 1325
ASME Code Case 2339
BS 3072NA15
BS 3073NA15
SEW 470
VdTÜV 412 & 434
DIN 17460
EN 10028-7 & EN 10095

Pipe & Tube

ASTM B 163
ASTM B 407/B 829
ASME SB 407/SB 829
ASTM B 514/B 775
ASME SB 514/SB 775
ASTM B 515/B 751
ASME SB 515/SB 751
ASME Code Case 1325 and 1983
BS 3074NA15
SEW 470
VdTÜV 412 & 434
ISO 6207
DIN 17459


ASTM B 366

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