It is hard to imagine a modern industry that does not use some sort of metal stamping in their assembly process. Everything from shaping steel to build a massive bridge to preparing nonferrous metals for high-tech equipment demands high quality metal stamping. Obviously, different industries (including the automotive, medical/healthcare, construction, and military) demand different types of metals. At Continental Steel, we have years of experience working with our customers to match the right metal with the right industry.

While every industry has tens, if not hundreds, of subsets, there is a general pool of metals and alloys that almost every industry utilizes.

One of the benefits of all these diverse metals and alloys is that they can be stamped into such a wide variety of shapes, forms, and sizes. No matter what you need, be it a massive stainless steel pipe for a major piece of machinery, or a miniscule piece of bronze wire for a piece of electronics, there is a metal and a stamping process perfect for your needs.

In fact, thanks to modern electrical controlled and hydraulically operated equipment, it is possible to now stamp a much wider range of metals sizes ranging from .002” to 7”. When combined with ever-improving and accessible automated metal stamping equipment, you can now stamp large volumes of products to exacting measurements.

It is certainly an exciting time for all the industries that rely on metals and metal stamping. As always though, the real key to success is combining the highest-quality metals and alloys with the right stamping technique.

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