Aluminum 6061

Aluminum 6061 is a heat treaded extruded alloy with medium to high strength. This versatile alloy is extremely popular due to its toughness and workability. Other key properties of Aluminum 6061 include:

  • Good surface finish
  • Ability to be anodized
  • Easy of weldability and brazability
  • Surface finish
  • Resistance to corrosion from seawater and atmospheric conditions
  • Suitable for hot forging
  • Readily available

Because of these excellent benefits, you will find Aluminum 6061 in use in a variety of applications like:

  • Marine fittings
  • Camera Lenses
  • Drive-shafts
  • Valves
  • Couplings
  • Brake components
  • Electrical fittings and connectors
  • Wings and fuselages of aircraft
  • Fishing equipment
  • Food and Beverage packaging

To be considered Aluminum 6061, an alloy must have a certain chemical composition, which includes:

  • Al 95.8-98.6%
  • Cr 0.04-0.35%
  • Cu 0.15-0.04%
  • Fe 0.7% max
  • Mg 0.8-1.2%
  • Si 0.4-0.8%
  • Ti 0.15% max

Continental Steel offers Aluminum 6061 in a number of different forms including tube, bar, pipe, and rod. All of the Aluminum 6061 available via Continental Steel meets or exceed the toughest industry standards including those from ASTM, MIL-Spec, AMS, UNS, and SAE. To learn more about how Continental Steel can help satisfy your Aluminum 6061 needs contact us today.

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