Aluminum 7178

Aluminum Alloy 7178, comprised of copper and magnesium as its primary alloying elements, offers uncompromising strength and accommodates a number of different metalworking processes. These processes include machining, welding, and heat treating.

When annealed, Aluminum Alloy 7178 offers good machinability and also responds well to resistance welding. Heat treatment should be performed at 875 °F with a subsequent water quenching. After treatment, this alloy gains precipitation hardening which improves its mechanical properties. Heavier thicknesses are formable.

The chemical composition of Aluminum Alloy 7178 falls within the following parameters:

  • Cu 1.6-2.4%
  • Mn .30%
  • Mg 2.4-3.1%
  • Fe .50%
  • Si .40%
  • Zn 6.3-7.3%
  • Cr .18-.35%
  • Ti .20%

This alloy is preferred for many applications in the marine, construction and aerospace industries.  Aluminum Alloy 7178 from Continental Steel and Tube Company meets or exceeds all relevant industry standards. These standards include all appropriate ASTM, QQ, SAE, and UNS specifications.

We offer Aluminum Alloy 7178 in coil form or as shapes.   To learn more about this alloy or to determine which aluminum alloy will work best in your next project, please contact us directly.

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