C95400 Aluminum Bronze

If you are in the market for an alloy that offers high strength, anti-friction capabilities, and good tarnish resistance, then you should consider C95400 Aluminum Bronze. This alloy, which is also excellent when it comes to seawater corrosion resistance, is in use in a wide variety of industries and applications such as:

  • Automotive weld guns
  • High strength clamps
  • Gears
  • Valves
  • Pickling hooks
  • Pressure blocks
  • Valve bodies
  • Worm wheels
  • Plungers
  • Marine hardware covers
  • Landing gear
  • Heavily loaded worm
  • Large hold down screws
  • Rolling mill slippers

The most popular of all the aluminum bronze alloys; C95400 Aluminum Bronze, which is golden in color, contains a unique blend of chemicals that include:

  • Cu 83-87%
  • Al 10.0-11.50%
  • Fe 3.0-5.0%
  • Ni 1.50%
  • Mn 0.50%

While experts do not recommend oxyacetylene welding, C95400 Aluminum Bronze will take soldering, brazing, gas shielded arc welding, and coated metal arc welding. As with all of the alloys available from Continental Steel, C95400 Aluminum Bronze meets or exceeds a number of critical industry standards including those from ASTM, MIL-C, ASME, and SAE. To discover if C95400 Aluminum Bronze is perfect for your specific needs, or to learn about any of our other industry-leading products and services, please contact the experts at Continental Steel today.

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