The Construction Boom in Florida

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After collapsing under the weight of the last great recession, the building trades in Florida are coming back strong. Construction activity is high across the entire state, with projects in South Florida leading the way. The current building boom is putting skilled workers back on the job. Furthermore, the type of building is spread between residential construction (37%) and commercial, educational and institutional buildings (15%).

Construction Boom in Florida

Most recently, news broke about a proposed mall and theme park combination, projected as the largest in the United States. This project will create sub-projects including a performing arts center, upscale arts and entertainment venues, indoor water park, hotels, condos and even a huge Ferris wheel. The estimated cost of this project alone is anticipated in the billions of dollars.

In addition to all the “vertical” construction, infrastructure also benefits from the building frenzy. As a result, the need for additional sewer, electrical and all other utility construction combines with building new roads create opportunity to maintain and possibly increase the resurgence of construction in Florida.

Challenges to Construction Recovery

This construction boom is not without challenges. Contractors are hiring to keep up with the construction demand. This is reducing the number of unemployed construction workers. More than 24,000 new positions were created in 2014.  However, the market for skilled positions including pipefitters, welders, project managers and engineers continues to tighten leaving many jobs vacant.

Contractors, desperate to keep construction deadlines are actively recruiting to non-traditional markets. Ads for skilled laborers are running in Spanish to attract workers from the large Hispanic population while other contractors focus on signing bonuses.  Many also target high school students by offering apprenticeship programs.

Filling Supply Chains

Another large challenge is keeping the supply chain filled with the required materials. Rapid growth in construction can lead to shortages that delay projects and in some cases increase cost for materials. It is important to work with a supplier capable of meeting the demand.

Here at Continental Steel & Tube, we are specialist in delivering high quality construction metal products. Our goal is helping the construction boom in Florida continue by providing the high-quality metals required for buildings and infrastructure. These include carbon steel, aluminum and copper for all aspects of construction. Learn how our years of experience help us deliver on time and within budget, here and around the world. Contact us today to learn how we can bring our expertise to you.

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