How to Buy Metal Wire

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Metal wire may seem like an easy thing to order (or at least, easier than angle, beam, tube, plate, or pipe), however there are some factors that can make it more complicated than what is initially apparanet.

The key to accurately ordering metal wire is making sure you’re aware of the exact specifications you need for that specific job.

Buy Metal Wire

Below, you’ll find the information that you need provide to Continental Steel & Tube in order to receive the proper metal wire in the best timeline possible:

1. Grade of Metal
Regardless of if it is copper, brass, nickel, carbon steel, titanium, stainless steel or aluminum, we need to know the specific grade of wire required.

2. Metal Temper
Then the next important thing is the Temper. To be able to buy wire correctly we must know if the material needs to be ¼ hard (H01), ½ hard (H02), or Full Hard (H04). Then there is the shape of the wire, Is it round, flat or square? Most wire is round but we do quote some other options.

3. Wire Tolerance
Next, we need to know the tolerance needed on the wire. For example if the diameter of the wire you need is 0.025” round, what is the allowance plus or minus of that size? Depending on your needs we can supply you with the proper tolerance – simply state the tolerance after the diameter. For example “0.0250” (+/-.0002”)”. This means the the diameter of the wire could be between 0.0252 and 0.0248.

4. Wire Finish
The next step is how you want the wire finished. Is it a bright finish? Is it smooth? If it is Carbon Steel do you need Galvanized or Plain? Is it Bright Drawn, Soft Galvanized, or Black Annealed? Please let us know as we want to supply the wire exactly as you need it.

5. Total Quantity and Packaging Instructions
Lastly, we need to know how much wire you want and how you want the the wire packaged. Is it a spool or a coil? What is the package ID needed for the coil? What is the maximum coil weight needed for handling?

If we have all of this information then we can quote your job properly and supply you with the exact products you need. Please let us know how we can help with your metal wire requirements.

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