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Understanding Copper Grades

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Copper is one of the oldest, most versatile metals in the world. There are different grades of copper, which are categorized based on their composition. Since 1985, Continental Steel & Tube Company has been one of the world’s top suppliers of high-quality metals, including various copper tubing grades. Here you’ll learn about the different copper grades available and their typical applications. 

Copper Grades From Continental Steel

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Understanding Copper Grades

Copper grades are categorized depending on their composition of copper and various alloying elements, such as zinc, lead, nickel, and beryllium. The different grades also denote the manufacturing process used to produce it. 

Continental Steel offers the following copper grades:

  • C101. Oxygen-Free Electronic (OFE) Copper, C10100
  • C102. Oxygen-Free Copper, C10200
  • C120. Deoxidized Low Phosphorus (DLP) Copper, C12000
  • C122. Deoxidized High Phosphorus (DHP) Copper, C12200
  • C151. Zirconium Copper, C15100
  • C182. Chromium Copper
  • C194. High-Strength Modified (HSM) Copper, C19400
  • C220. Commercial Bronze (90/10), C22000
  • C230. Red Brass (85/15), C23000
  • C270. Yellow Brass (65/35), C27000
  • C314. Leaded Commercial Bronze
  • C330. Low-Leaded Brass, C33000
  • C332. High-Leaded Brass, C33200
  • C360 Free Machining Brass
  • C435. Trumpet Brass (80/20), C43500
  • C443. Admiralty Brass (Arsenical), C44300
  • C464. Naval Brass
  • C510. Phosphor Bronze (5), C51000
  • C521. Phosphor Bronze (8), C52100
  • C693. Lead-free Brass
  • C706. Copper Nickel (90/10), C70600
  • C710. Copper Nickel (80/20), C71000
  • C715. Copper Nickel (70/30), C71500
  • C740. Nickel Silver (10), C74000
  • C752. Nickel Silver (18), C75200
  • C836. Leaded Red Brass
  • C857. Leaded Yellow Brass
  • C863. Manganese Bronze
  • C693. Lead-free Brass
  • C89835. Bismuth Tin Bronze
  • C903. Tin Bronze
  • C954. Aluminum Bronze
  • C955. Nickel-Aluminum Bronze
  • C959. Aluminum Bronze

More grades are available upon request

Copper Grade Applications

Able to be cold or hot worked, copper is a versatile metal across a wide range of industries and applications:

  • Automotive: Copper tubing is an essential component of many of today’s automotive components, specifically copper-nickel brake tubing, heat exchangers, and radiators.
  • Electrical: Because of its excellent conductivity, copper is an ideal material for a wide range of electrical applications, enhancing energy efficiency and power quality. Copper is commonly used in wires, windings, cables, transformers, electric motors, printed circuit boards, electromagnets, heat sinks, and busbars.
  • Fuel Gas: Copper tubes are excellent materials for natural gas piping systems.
  • Marine: Copper’s corrosion resistance, biofouling resistance, and strength make it perfect for a wide range of marine applications.
  • Machining: Copper alloy rods and bars are ideal for machined products.
  • Telecommunications: Modern telecommunications systems rely on copper wiring as a low-cost, high-performance solution.
  • Industrial heat exchangers – Provides thermal conductivity, strength and corrosion protection
  • Musical Instruments: Horns, trumpets, trombones and saxophones

Common Uses for Copper

Copper alloys have a long history of use because copper is easy to machine and turn into various forms. Copper is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, resistant to corrosion, and naturally antimicrobial. These properties make the metal ideal for:

  • Electrical wiring: Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity and is often used in electrical wiring.
  • Roofing: Copper is a popular roofing material due to its durability and weather resistance.
  • Pipes and plumbing: Copper is commonly used for pipes and plumbing due to its corrosion resistance and antibacterial properties.
  • Cookware: Copper cookware is popular because the material effectively conducts heat.
  • Decorative items: Because of its aesthetic appeal, copper is often used for decorative items such as sculptures and jewelry.
  • Electrical components: Copper is often used in electrical components such as resistors, capacitors, and heat exchangers.

Continental Steel: Your Copper Grade Partner

Copper is essential in many industries, and various copper grades offer application-specific properties. At Continental Steel, we have a long history of providing high-quality copper products for electrical, welding, heat transfer, and other applications. As a globally leading supplier of copper tubing in various grades, sizes, and shapes, we are standing by to help you find the right solution for your project. We are ISO 9001:2015 and AS9120B:2016 certified to provide the highest quality products to the aerospace and other critical markets.

Contact us today to ask about or order our copper tubing products.