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When sourcing large-scale structural fabrication projects, the options for material procurement can seem almost endless.

Fabricated TankThe rapid growth of internet and e-commerce options has heightened this overwhelming marketplace further, offering what seems like an unlimited number of domestic and global suppliers.

Continental Steel & Tube wants to be your solution on your fabrication jobs.

Finding the best structural fabrication services can be equally as challenging, so the ideal solution is to find a partner who can service all your fabrication and service needs in one source. By employing one trusted group to source the industry’s best materials and large-scale fabrication services, even the most difficult projects become manageable.

In-Depth Experience that Builds Trust

The added efficiency of partnering with a single-source supplier of materials and services is self-evident; what might be less obvious is the role of experience. A seasoned, experienced supplier can not only source and deliver quality materials quickly, but offer expert consultation in both selection and design.

Buyers and designers have a choice in selecting materials for projects such as silos, storage tanks, hoppers, and heat exchangers. Continental Steel and Tube Company’s extensive background has made us experts in finding the best quality and most cost-effective materials for these and many other structures. Some of our most commonly sourced materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel, and a full range of high-temperature alloys.

Matching the Finest Materials to the Best Fabrication Services

Procuring the best materials is just the first step — next, you need skilled engineers and product managers to begin work on your project. Over the years, our team has developed expertise in the necessary processes to provide competitive quotes and job timelines for your next fabrication project. We are able to provide our customers with access to a number of different metal working techniques, including slitting, shearing, plasma cutting, honing, galvanizing, grinding, chem-milling, and more.  

By combining material selection with these metalworking techniques, we have completed a diverse array of large-scale structures, including pressure vessels, holding tanks, and metal staircases for silos. Best of all, we’ve saved our customers time, money, and additional effort on each project by providing these services all in one place.

At Continental Steel, our team is built on over three decades of experience sourcing the finest quality materials and large-scale structural fabrication services for tank fabrication, metal staircase fabrication, and pressure vessel fabrication, among others. Customers can request the most challenging structures and, because of the caliber and expertise of our fabricators, trust that their projects will be completed with quality craftsmanship at competitive prices.

Let us demonstrate how choosing a one-stop fabricator can enhance the quality and value of your next project. For the industry’s best materials and full-service structural fabrication, contact us today.

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