Titanium: Performance Automotive Applications

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Less mass = greater speed and better performance!

Most of us know that cars go faster and burn less fuel if they weigh less but very few of us know how to reduce the weight. In fact, many of the constructors we meet that design and build high-end race cars are very surprised to learn how many automotive parts and fasteners are now being manufacturer from titanium alloys. It’s logical; titanium is stronger than steel and weighs 40% less. Even Tesla (yes Tesla, not Ferrari) is using titanium sheet for underbody shields on their Model S sedan.

High Performance Automotive Industry

So, is this phenomenon a fleeting trend or a growth industry that’s here to stay? All of our research suggests that this evolution is gaining momentum every day. The High Performance Automotive Industry has enthusiastically embraced titanium for use in the manufacturing of the parts listed below because their results have been obvious, immediate and measurable.


Brake Calipers


Cam Belt Wheels

Safety Cages

Underbody Panles

Valve Springs

Skid Plages

Gudeon (wrist) pin

Bumper Supports

Rocker Shafts

Exhaust Systems

Rocker Arms

Clutch Components

Valve Retainers

Fasteners including bolts, nuts, screws, and washers.

Engine Bay Bars

Torsion Bars

Drive Shafts & Enclosures

Connecting Rods


Engine Valves

Suspension Springs




Fly Wheels

Foot Pegs

Brake Rotors


At Continental, we’re serious about optimum performance…yours and ours! We understand the power-to-weight ratios so we’re “driven” to provide strong, light weight titanium options to the Race Car Industry every day in every grade and form needed including sheets, plates, bars, tubing (welded and seamless,) wire, block and forgings.

Please call Bob today to learn how our titanium products can be used to improve the performance of the cars we love.

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