Modern Titanium Applications

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Titanium Applications in Modern Day

At Continental Steel & Tube Co., we’re proud to provide reliable, high-quality titanium metal products to customers across a range of industries worldwide. As one of the most versatile materials available for use in the manufacturing sphere, titanium metal is known for its high durability, light weight, and reliable resistance to corrosion. Most importantly, however, it has highest strength-to-density ratio of any type of metal.

Continental Steel offers titanium in various forms to meet our customers’ unique shape, size, and volume requirements. As a leading titanium supplier, our inventory includes titanium sheets, plates, tubes and tubing, round bars, pipes, wire, and titanium dioxide.

We also offer titanium in varying thicknesses, widths, lengths, and grades. We can even alloy our titanium with other metal elements — such as aluminum, iron, and molybdenum — to yield desired characteristics.

Common Titanium Applications

Companies across the globe use titanium metal in a number of diverse settings and applications. Thanks to its great versatility, this dynamic metal finds uses in everything from bicycle parts to deep-sea drilling equipment to aircraft engines. At Continental Steel, we’re proud to manufacture titanium that’s used by customers in industries as diverse as agriculture and medicine.

Below are a few of titanium’s most common applications.

  • Marine — Easily resisting corrosion caused by seawater, titanium is ideal for use in marine propeller shafts and rigging, offshore rigs, desalination plants, aquarium heater-chiller thermostats, fishing equipment, and more.
  • Aerospace — Titanium offers high strength and reliable resistance to breakage and corrosion. This sturdy material is well-suited for use in a variety of aerospace components and equipment, such as engines, compressor blades, landing gears, rotors, exhaust ducts, and hydraulic systems.
  • Medical — Titanium is also compatible with the human body. Since the body seldom rejects titanium, the medical industry uses it for many different instruments and prosthetics, such as joint replacements and tooth and orthopedic implants.
  • Sports equipment —Titanium’s lightweight, sturdiness, and durability make it a popular choice for bike frames. Titanium is also frequently used to make tennis, badminton, and other racquet frames.
  • Electronics and technology — In the electronics industry, titanium can serve many different roles. It can be found in computer frames and the bodies of other popular technologies, and has uses in mobile phones and other cellular devices. Laptop batteries often contain titanium, as its unique properties allow for quick charging.
  • Military — Titanium alloys are often used in military vehicles and equipment. This unique material is commonly used in automotive engines, jet engines, and even missiles.

Modern Aluminum Applications

Continental Steel: Industry-Leading Titanium Suppliers

Continental Steel’s clients can rest assured that our titanium will deliver the strength, resilience, and high quality needed for any type of application — no matter how demanding or complex. And with our wide-ranging inventory of titanium sheets, pipes, plates, tubes, and wire, we’re able to accommodate nearly any titanium product needs.

For 29 years, Continental Steel has been serving customers across a range of industries, supplying exceptional metals produced from our extensive global network of mills. To learn more about our titanium products and supplies, request a quote today.

Our very own Andrea Clark is headed to Spain this weekend to speak at the International Titanium Association Conference about the Future of the Bicycle Industry. You can read more about her research here!

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