Comparing, Understanding and Choosing the Right Steel Plate Grade

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Comparing, Understanding and Choosing the Right Steel Plate Grade

You might be aware of the fact that steel plate is a highly prevalent and important material used throughout manufacturing and construction. You may also be aware that many of your projects can’t exist without it.

But what you might not know is that not all steel plate is created equal; there are a variety of steel plate grades that each have unique characteristics that make them right for specific applications.

For instance, structural steel grade A514 T-1 is a heat-treated steel that offers high strength capabilities and weldability, with few preheat requirements, and provides excellent durability in subzero temperatures.

Abrasion-resistant AR360 steel, on the other hand, is developed according to a specific carbon-manganese specification, is designed to withstand wear resistance many times better than ordinary steel plate, and is very well suited for manufacturing heavy construction equipment.

The fact is, choosing the right grade steel plate is crucial to your specific application and requirements, since there are many different varieties with unique compositions and characteristics. Being well aware of this, we at Continental Steel have taken our years of expertise and knowledge and created an informative eBook entitled Comparing Steel Plate Grades.

In it, we provide a breakdown of all grades, with their composition, characteristics, and common applications. We compare them to each other and list their benefits and qualities, helping to provide an easy way to determine which is right for you.

This eBook also demystifies the purchasing process, providing a clear, straightforward way to determine which steel plate you need, while offering information on all of the considerations, options, and requirements.

At Continental Steel, we’ve been providing all types of steel plate to countless customers and industries for over 20 years, and we want to bring our extensive knowledge to our customers, while making the entire process simpler and more direct.

You can download your free copy of Comparing Steel Plate Grades today — and of course, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about the correct steel plate grade for your project.

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