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Simply put, a coated product is any metal product, typically steel, that has been galvanized or otherwise coated by another protective material. These coatings enhance products’ resistance to corrosion and other forms of wear, thereby reducing the need for upkeep and replacement. This includes steel plates, pipes, tubes, bars, wire, and more.

Types of Coated Products

There are a wide variety of coated products available. Each different coating serves to enhance a different aspect of the original steel, and each is suited to its own unique uses. Here are some of the more common coated products.


Galvanized steel is steel that has been coated with zinc via the hot dip galvanization process to meet the ASTM A653 specification. Steel grades that are candidates for galvanization include commercial, deep draw, extra deep draw, and forming steel, as well as HSLA and other structural steel grades. 

Galvanization is performed on steel primarily to prevent corrosion via rusting. It slows, but does not completely prevent, the rusting process — as such, it is more suitable for products intended for indoor use. Zinc galvanizing of steel is spangle free and maintains the drawability of uncoated steel.


Galvalume steel is a commercial, forming, drawing, or structural steel that has been galvanized not with zinc alone but with an aluminum alloy containing 45% zinc. Galvalume coated steel has a higher level of corrosion resistance than regularly galvanized steel, maintains excellent flatness, and accepts paint readily. Galvalume steel can be found in use as roofing, building and wall panels, ducts, computer casings, and more.


Galvannealed steel is steel coated by a zinc-iron alloy. Its lower corrosion resistance, when compared to Galvalume steel, is offset by other beneficial properties — it creates a superiorly paintable surface without sacrificing flatness, weldability, or formability. Galvannealed steel is often used in outdoor signage, electrical equipment, and high-visibility applications such as doors and door frames.


Steel that has been aluminized has been coated with pure aluminum. This gives the coated product excellent resistance to extreme heat, as well as excellent corrosion resistance. Aluminized steel is commonly found in industrial applications such as heat exchangers and HVAC systems, other high-heat applications, and even consumer applications such as baking sheets.

Tin Plate

Another option for treating steel is the addition of thin layers of tin, known as tin-plating. This coating gives products added resistance to rust and corrosion, and enhances the solderability of substrates. Tin’s ductility allows tin plated materials to be formed into a range of shapes and applications without the risk of ruining the plating.

Continental Steel & Tube Company

Continental Steel & Tube Company, an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, is proud to offer a wide variety of coated products. A globally leading supplier and distributor or quality metal goods, we have more than 20 years of experience with coated products.

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