Continental Steel Provides NASA with Inconel X-750

Mass spectrometers are very powerful analytical instruments that determine atomic and molecular masses with great accuracy. Simply put, they can measure the masses and relative concentrations of atoms and molecules.

First developed in 1919, mass spectrometers today are used in labs all over the world for innumerable scientific purposes, including in many NASA missions. In fact, the instrument has been involved in essentially every aspect of space exploration, helping not only to expand our knowledge and understanding of the world and solar system around us, but also to put humans safely in space.

That is why Continental Steel is very proud to announce that NASA has chosen Continental Steel to supply Inconel X-750 round bar to fabricate parts for many of the space agency’s mass spectrometry. NASA has chosen Inconel X-750 for its high resistance and strength, as well as its superior weldability.

Inconel X-750 is a nickel-chromium alloy similar to Inconel alloy 600, but made precipitation-hardenable by additions of aluminum and titanium. Inconel X-750 is resistant to a wide variety of industrial corrosives under both oxidizing and reducing conditions. In addition to its excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation, Inconel alloy X-750 is used for its high tensile and creep-rupture properties at temperatures to about 1300°F (700°C).

Due to its corrosion and oxidation resistance and high strength at temperatures to 1300°F, Inconel X-750 is used in a wide variety of industrial applications, including gas turbines, rocket engines, nuclear reactors and aircraft structures. In gas turbines, it is used for rotor blades and wheels, bolts, and other structural members, while airframe applications include thrust reversers and hot-air ducting systems. It is also used extensively in rocket engine thrust chambers.

The mass spectrometer has a long and important history in NASA’s ability to investigate and analyze the universe. As it has in the past, this historically important technology likely will continue to have a major role in science. We like to think that our work to supply Inconel X-750 round bar to NASA will play a small role in that continued history.

In addition to Inconel X-750 round bar, Continental Steel supplies Inconel X-750 and nickel alloy X-750 for aerospace applications in several other forms, including flat bar, sheet, plate, hexagon, wire and tube. To learn more, explore our aerospace metals and alloys.

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