Alloy Steel 4330

Alloy Steel 4330, also sold as AISI 4330, is a high-strength, chromium, nickel, and molybdenum alloy. Alloy Steel 4330 is heat-treatable, and offers good formability. The alloy is machinable in the annealed, normalized, and tempered conditions, but not as easily in a hardened condition. Users will find that welding is possible by most conventional methods.

All Alloy Steel 4330 must contain a specific selection of chemicals that include:

  • Fe Balance
  • Ni 1-1.5%
  • Mn ≤ 1.0%
  • Si ≤ 0.80%
  • Cr 0.40-0.60%
  • Mo 0.30-0.50%
  • C 0.20-0.30%

Due to its strength and impact resistance, you will find Alloy Steel 4330 in use for a number of critical applications including:

  • Gears
  • Aircraft landing gear
  • Axles
  • Power transmission shafts

Continental Steel offers Alloy Steel 4330 in a wide variety of shapes and sizes including sheets, plates, and bars. As with all alloys available from Continental Steel, our selection of Alloy Steel 4330 meets or exceeds all the most exacting industry standards such as ASTM, AMS, UNS, and MIL-T. To learn more about our outstanding selection of Alloy Steel 4330, or any of our other products and services, please contact the experts at Continental Steel today.

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