Alloy Steel 4750

Alloy Steel 4750 is a super alloy that is known for its ability to operate under high mechanical stress and its good magnetic properties. This soft magnetic alloy is popular in the electrochemical, gas and oil, aerospace, and telecommunication industries for applications that demand very low current holding magnets.

To be sold as Alloy Steel 4750, an alloy must have a unique chemical composition including:

  • Fe Balance
  • Ni 48%
  • Cr 0.10%
  • Mn 0.80%
  • Si 0.30%
  • C 0.05%
  • P 0.025%
  • S 0.025%

As with all alloys available from Continental Steel, our selection of Alloy Steel 4750 meets or exceeds many of the leading standards, including AMS, MIL-N, ASTM, and IEC. We offer Alloy Steel 4750 in a number of different forms and sizes such as bars, wires, sheets, and strips. To learn more about Alloy Steel 4750, or any of our other high-quality and cost-effective alloys, please contact the experts at Continental Steel today.

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