Titanium Fabricated Aerospace Parts

Titanium is one of the industry’s most versatile and important metals. Its flexibility in manufacturing, unparalleled strength, and resistance to corrosion and rust have made it a staple in a broad variety of parts for the aerospace industry. By reducing the overall weight in an aerospace application, the end product can realize large cost savings on fuel and maintenance over its lifespan. Titanium and titanium alloys are able to provide this type of weight reduction while still providing the high strength and high performance necessary. At Continental Steel, we distribute a full range of premium quality titanium parts for aerospace applications, including:

Titanium Alloy Aircraft Engine Blades

Titanium features an excellent weight-to-strength ratio, providing premium performance for engine blades. Titanium engine blades’ lower weight helps to boost fuel efficiency and they can withstand temperatures ranging from below zero up to 600° C.

Compressor Wheels

Strong, long-lasting titanium holds an advantage over traditional aluminum compressor wheels, with tests showing an increased lifespan by a factor of 13 in comparison. Testing has also shown that titanium wheels remain in excellent condition throughout their use without developing micro cracks. These compressor wheels can be finished with a number of surface treatments to suit different engine applications.

Impeller Pumps

Corrosion resistance is especially important when dealing with impeller pumps. Titanium has proven itself to withstand even the harshest, most corrosive environments, maintaining the highest levels of strength and quality.

Connecting Rods

With a low thermal expansion rate, titanium connecting rods can meet the highest levels of tolerance. They provide weight saving performance when compared to commonly-used materials like steel, providing excellent efficiency and wear resistance.

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