C95500 Nickel-Aluminum Bronze

C95500 Nickel-Aluminum Bronze is a unique alloy that is in use in an extremely wide range of products including everything from piano keys to aircraft landing gear to handgun recoil mechanisms. Other applications that feature C95500 Nickel-Aluminum Bronze include:

  • Machine parts
  • Guides (valve, piston, hot mill)
  • Worms
  • Stuffing box nuts
  • Marine hardware and applications
  • Valves (seats, bodies, guides, ball, components)
  • Window hardware
  • Pickling hooks and baskets
  • Aircraft engines
  • Bushings
  • Gears
  • Musical instruments
  • Welding jaws
  • Discharge elbows
  • Cooling loops for power plants
  • Oil and gas equipment

To be considered C95500 Nickel-Aluminum Bronze an alloy must have a certain chemical composition that includes:

  • Cu 78%
  • Al 10.0-11.5%
  • Mn 3.5%
  • Fe 3-5%
  • Ni 3-5.50%

As with many bronze alloys, C95500 Nickel-Aluminum Bronze handles soldering and brazing fairly well, however expert recommend users avoid oxyacetylene welding. C95500 Nickel-Aluminum Bronze meets or exceeds many of today’s most stringent specifications including those from ASTM, SAE, MIL-B, and MIL-C.

If you are looking for an alloy that exhibits outstanding strength, hardness, and exceptional yield, Continental Steel’s selection of C95500 Nickel-Aluminum Bronze might to perfect for your needs. To learn more about C95500 Nickel-Aluminum Bronze from Continental Steel or any of our other industry-leading products and services, please contact us directly today.

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