C90300 High Tin Bronze

C90300 is a high tin bronze alloy known for its ability to work well in high load, low speed situations. C90300 High Tin Bronze is popular in a wide variety of industries and applications especially those that work with liquids and gases. C90300 High Tin Bronze is typically used in:

  • Pump components
  • Gears
  • Valves
  • Marine Fittings
  • Potable water applications
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Bearings (roll-mill, bridge, trunnion)
  • Bushings (machine tool, piston-pin, wrist-pin)

C90300 High Tin Bronze offers users a number of different critical benefits such as excellent hardness, good corrosion resistance, and high wear resistance. When fabricating C90300 High Tin Bronze it is important to remember that it takes soldering and brazing well, but most welding techniques will only lead to fair to poor results.

To be sold as C90300 High Tin Bronze, an alloy must contain a certain chemical composition that includes:

  • Cu 86-89%
  • Sn 7.5-9.0%
  • Zn 3.0-5.0%
  • P 1.5%
  • Pb 0.30%
  • Fe 0.20%
  • Sb 0.20%
  • S 0.05%
  • Al 0.005%
  • Si 0.005%

As with all the alloys sold by Continental Steel, our selection of C90300 High Tin Bronze meets or exceeds a number of critical industry specifications including those from ASTM (B-271, B-505, B-271) and SAE (620). To learn more about our selection of C90300 High Tin Bronze or any of our other industry-leading products and services, please contact the experts at Continental Steel today.

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