C51000 Phosphor Bronze

Compared to other bronze alloys, C51000 Phosphor Bronze has one of the highest yield strengths. Because of its superior strength and workability, C51000 Phosphor Bronze is in use in a wide selection of critical industries and applications, these include:

  • Wire brushes
  • Bridge bearing plates
  • Bourdon tubes
  • Bellows
  • Fuse clips
  • Flexing contact blades
  • Clutch disks
  • Springs
  • Switch parts
  • Electronic and precision instrument parts
  • Textile machinery
  • Welding rods
  • Chemical hardware
  • Truss Wires
  • Fasteners
  • Cotter pins
  • Lock Washers

As mentioned before, C51000 Phosphor Bronze takes a number of different fabrication methods such as soldering, brazing, welding (oxyacetylene, gas shielded arc, coated metal arc, spot, and butt welding). C51000 Phosphor Bronze can be cold worked but hot forming is not advisable.

To be sold as C51000 Phosphor Bronze, an alloy must have a unique chemical composition that includes:

  • Sn 4.2-5.8%
  • Zn 0.10%
  • P 0.03-0.35%
  • Pb 0.05%
  • Cu Balance

C51000 Phosphor Bronze is available at Continental Steel in a number of different forms and shapes and all of our C51000 Phosphor Bronze meets or exceeds stringent industry specifications including those from ASTM and SAE.

To learn more about our selection of C51000 Phosphor Bronze or any of our other amazing products and services, please feel free to contact an expert at Continental Steel today.

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